Welcome to the Silver T, Shiloh Buffalo and the Zulu Creek Ranch Website

Nestled under the big oak trees of East Texas, registered Texas Longhorns and Trophy Red Deer roam freely through the coastal pastures. Current breeding stock includes top cattle we have collected from around the country and many who wear our own brand.

Our bull line up for 2023 appears to be paying off as Heartbreaker is now the main herd sire. This genetic combination brings the two longest total horn animals in the world - Tuff Chex x Cha Ching....We have also added three additional herd sires to the line...Our Goldmine son named Game Changer.  Nice Black and White who is bringing that color into the herd. Hubbell's Butch Cassidy brings in Catchit Chex and the Delta Van Horn line...We also added in some Vindicator with the young herd sire named Vindicator's Edge who goes 88 TTT and has the Delta Van Horne influence. Three of our herd sires have 90+ ttt dams and the other one is a black and white at 85 ttt.

Our cow herd has 9 over 90 ttt and a still four year old Silver Heart who goes 99 7/8 and will be entered into the Legends sale

We have sold down to 12 red deer.  Some nice young stags will be forthcoming 

If you should have any questions regarding the longhorn or red deer herds, please give us a call, Kurt and Glenda Twining: 512-466-5917 or kurt_twining@msn.com  Last Updated on 3/15/2023