Welcome to the Silver T and Zulu Creek Ranch Website

Nestled under the big oak trees of East Texas, registered Texas Longhorns and Trophy Red Deer roam freely through the coastal pastures. Current breeding stock includes top cattle we have collected from around the country and many who wear our own brand.

Its been a fun year and we purchased 6 cows this year that we feel are very good addition to the herd and we have changed our bull line up for 2016 with what we believe just might be two of the top young brindle herd sires of the future. CV Call of Duty hit 75 ttt at 28 months. He is out of Casanova and FL Rio Maxine. The second one you will be hearing about is PCC Front Runner sired by PCC Rim Rock PCC Flying Sparkles. He was 76 at 30 months . We partnered on two young bulls that will be coming out in 2017 With Ron and Barbara Marquess. Cha Ching x Cowboy Tuff Chex. They are showing amazing horn growth at an early age.

We are very excited about out 40+ upcoming heifers that are growing up right before our eyes. 

We sold all of our stags in 2013, and started up with a new stag from Shakeree Deer Farm. 900 Green should be around 400 BC and has already made friends with all of his new hinds. We now have 5 young stags for sale that should hit close to 20 points as two year olds.

If you should have any questions regarding the longhorn or red deer herds, please give us a call, Kurt and Glenda Twining: 512-466-5917 or kurt_twining@msn.com  Last Updated on 10//1/2016