Silver T Ranch

The Silver T Ranch consists of three properties. The main Silver T Ranch East  is located 7 miles east of Winnsboro, Texas was purchased in November of 1999. What started out as excitement was quickly translated into work as 1943 fences would certainly not hold our new longhorn friends. We like you were trying to avoid the dreaded four words, "your cows are out". The work turned into therapy and we earned our tired each weekend until each t post had found its place and 12 miles of barb wire had been strung. Here is Miss Glenda making sure that friendly dispositions start early. Silver T Ranch West is a tract of land two mile east of Winnsboro that we are now developing into a white tail deer operation and longhorns. The third tract is called Zulu Creek Which is 7 miles north of Winnsboro where we raise Red Stags and longhorns. There are 275 acres under production.