At this time we have Gringo, Front Runner, Top Caliber, Cowboy Magnum, Call of Duty and KC Just Respect semen for sale. 

KC Just Respect is one of the best proven bulls in the breed. He has already sired several 80 ttt inch sons and is throwing size and color. He has 16.5 inch bases to go with his 80+ ttt. KCJR semen is $50 a straw conventional and $100 a straw sexed (f) 2m and $250 sexed (f) 5m.
Call of Duty semen is now $100 straw….one of the finest young bulls in the breed with 75 ttt at 28 months and now over 80 ttt. Front Runner is brindle and 81 ttt and his semen is only $50
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