Over the past 15 years the bulls have really taken off. Our first bull was a Billy Bob son named Cimmaron who peaked at 53 ttt. Next came Obvious Prophet a Phenomenon son who reached 63 ttt. Then came Chuckwagon a Tari Graves son who found his mark at 68 ttt. Followed by Gringo an Unlimited son who hit 71 ttt after rubbing cedar trees all day long. Then came the Hunt's Command Respect genetics in Buzz Saw and KC Just Respect came along at 77.5 and 81.5 respectfully.  We also own MC Super Mac a Rex son who is hit 75 ttt.

Now it is has all changed with CV Call of Duty a brindle with 84/105. Great Genetics..and then we move on to Heartbreaker and Happy who are so unique with horn genetics crossing Tuff Chex and M Arrow Cha Ching. Heartbreaker already a 2x HSC Champion and Happy the pretty black and white bull...The future is bright on the bull front